The Greeny Group

Below is a list of the other areas of business that the Greeny Group offers to their clients.

Greeny Photos
Greeny Photos is the photographic sector of Greeny Visuals. We cover sports photography, wedding photography and commercial photography. All images taken will be displayed on and the client receive their own personal password where they can access all the photos and download them at their leisure. These are high resolution jpegs so you can use them for print / web applications.

Greeny Training
Greeny Training is a one day training course for photoshop. During the day we show how to complete adverts, web graphics and also the technical knowledge of sending artwork to printers or publishers. With over 15 years of commercial design experience for print and web you will leave the session confident that you can design and create the design at a high standard. The training courses are situated at our local Gloucestershire training room.

Greeny Hosting
We can host budget websites using our hosting facility. The service is mainly for sites that have been designed by ourselves.

I said that
This is our new online personal merchandising sector. We have a series of goods where your quote can be added to the items. This is mainly aimed at the childrens market with quotes that your child has said that you want to share with the world.

Papped at the Prom
This is our school prom photographic service. We have a mobile photographic studio that we set up at the school prom. Photos are taken on the night and then uploaded to where they can be viewed / shared /downloaded.


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